Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on the Points I can earn?

You can earn Points on all products and all services except prescription medications.

Do my Points ever expire?

After 24 months of inactivity your Points will expire. Avoid losing your Points by sharing your Rewards Card with family and friends and earn even more Points!

How do I check my current Point balance?

Just ask in-store for a balance check the next time you’re visiting your local Chempro or check online at

Can I use my Chempro Rewards Card at any Chempro Chemist?

Yes, your membership and rewards card is valid at all Chempro Chemists. You are also able to earn Points online at

What is the minimum amount of Points I need before I can redeem?

You can start redeeming Points when you have accumulated a minimum balance of 500 Points.

How do I redeem?

By showing your card at the register, you can save your Points up and redeem them towards the full or part cost of your next purchase, or you can also donate your Points to a local community organisation or charity of your choice. Ask us how!